Specialità di Terra - local specialities

carta da musica / pane carasau very thin, double-baked flatbread
pane pistoccu similar to pane carasau but thicker, rectangular and made using wholemeal flour
pani frattau pane carasau or carta da musica prepared with egg, tomato sauce, lamb stock and pecorino cheese
malloreddus small Sardinian gnocchi with fresh sausage meat, tomato sauce and saffron (Campidano)
culurgionis ravioli filled with potato, mint, onions and cheese (Ogliastra) or ricotta cheese and spinach (Campidano)
zuppa gallurese a type of lasagne made using stale wheat bread, meat stock and cheese (Gallura)
panadas pieces of bread dough stuffed with peas and lamb or just with vegetables
maialetto arrosto small, grilled suckling pig
porchetto spit-roast suckling pig weighing at least 4 kg
cordula braided lamb intestines, either spit roast or prepared with peas
salsiccia fresh sausages, usually grilled
cinghiale wild pig prepared in sauce
agnello lamb, usually grilled
capretto young goat, usually grilled

(n.b. suckling pig and lamb are often served together with the

head and innards!)