nice view in Villasimius
A view in Villasimius - Sardinia

Sardinia is beautiful throughout the year, but springtime is definitely the best period to visit this island. In Sardinia early spring months like March, April and May offer aromatic plants and scented maquis in full bloom, and forests and meadows are still of a bright green. In May the weather is already warm enough to swim in the crystal clear waters feeling as if the island was just for yourself as beaches are still totally empty. In this season all over the island festivals celebrate the local patron saints: During Easter time we have the "holy week rituals" with religious processions, and the atmosphere becomes happy and lively, as the dark wintertime has turned into a more productive moment for agriculture

Summer sees the coastline filled with divers, sun worshippers, with yachts and sailing boats from all over Europe docked in the marinas. Summer can have very high temperatures particularly from the end of July to August with temperatures even around 40° C degrees. August is generally the busiest month when the island gets crowded with many visitors from the mainland who come here for their summer holidays. This is also the time for countryside festivals. The most important is on the 15th of August Saint Mary Festival, with celebrations all over the island.

Sunset in Sardinia
Sunset in Sardinia
Average temperature   


Month  Air max 
13.5 ºC – 56,3 ºF
12.9 ºC – 55,2 ºF
13.5 ºC – 56,3 ºF
14.1 ºC – 57,4 ºF
16.0 ºC – 60,8 ºF
19.8 ºC – 67,6 ºF
21.0 ºC – 69,8 ºF
23.5 ºC – 74,3 ºF
22.0 ºC – 71,6 ºF
20.1 ºC – 68,2 ºF
17.2 ºC – 63,0 ºF
14.0 ºC – 57,2 ºF
12.0 ºC
11.7 ºC
12.9 ºC
14.5 ºC
16.5 ºC
20.0 ºC
22.0 ºC
24.0 ºC
22.0 ºC
19.4 ºC
16.4 ºC
12.7 ºC
20.0 ºC
23.5 ºC
26.5 ºC
28.2 ºC
35.0 ºC
34.0 ºC
40.3 ºC
40.3 ºC
39.0 ºC
33.0 ºC
28.9 ºC
24.0 ºC

September is a lovely month with sunny days and a special light at sunset. Normally in this month beaches start getting less crowded. Autumn is still a warm and relatively dry season in Sardinia when sunbathing is still possible at least until the end of October, beginning of November. This is the moment of grape harvesting. Now, the cellars in the small towns open their houses to tourists to show the old traditional systems of wine making in Sardinia and offer wine tasting. More rural festivals are available in autumn, such as the very popular Chestnut Festival in Aritzo, in the interior of the island and many other festivities. Winter is normally very short and it can be fairly cold between Christmas and January. There can be snowfalls only in the region of the mount Gennargentu. However, Sardinia winter is very pleasant with the smell of wood burnt in the fireplaces, the oranges and citrus fruits that make the gardens beautiful and colourful. It is a good season to enjoy nature with walks in the forests that are now are full of mushrooms. In February great and unique carnival festivals are a popular attraction with masques and costumed figures parades all over Sardinia.