Specialità di Mare - seafood specialities

anguille arrosto

spit-roast eel

aragosta langouste (Carloforte, Alghero)
burrida dogfish or skate marinated in a walnut sauce with garlic and parsley (Cagliari, Oristano)
fregola con arselle grain-like pasta made of durum wheat semolina served with clams
orata gilt-head bream (grilled or baked with a salt crust)
spigola sea bass (grilled with Vernaccia sauce or baked in a salt crust)
pesce spada swordfish with olives, capers and dried tomatoes
bottarga grey mullet or tuna roe
bocconi sea snails cooked in salt water
ricci raw sea urchin mostly served with spaghetti
muggine grey mullet, grilled and served in lemon brine
polpo octopus marinated in garlic and parsley
seppia/ calamaro cuttlefish and squid, usually served grilled or fried